Good Friends

Went out to dinner last night, with three of my best friends. One happened to be passing through, so we got the band back together.

These are guys with whom I have worked over the past thirty years. Fundamentally, we share a passion for protecting the environment. We each also spend much of our time recreating outdoors, albeit with different interests, ranging from deer hunting to bicycle camping.

One thing we did together, created many memories. A little over a decade ago, we rented the former fire tower observer’s cabin on Loon Lake Mountain. We spent a lot of time rehabilitating that cabin, and on the mountain. I used to hike my family up to the cabin and make a hot lunch. The cabin became known as “Zeke Camp,” and provided the basis for many fond memories. Being the closest to the cabin, I ended up being the de facto caretaker. I’ll never forget carrying two five gallon tanks of kerosene up to camp for the heater when one of the guys made a trip in with his son in December, while on a tour of North Country colleges.

It was good to get together again. Need to make a point of doing this more often.

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