Work Weekend at Loon Lake

I set aside the shotgun for a shovel and snowblower, this weekend.

After last week’s storm event, we got a soaking rain.  Consequently, there is a hard crust on top of the snow.   Roads are rough from repeated freezing/unfreezing. Dogs having trouble navigating in deep snow, once they break through the crust– mostly sticking to our plowed road.

I did go out on the snowmobile yesterday, early.  Great snow, but icy at spots.  the trail on the old Railroad ROW/Power line  has not been groomed.  We had the most activity of the  season on the trail Saturday–  still hearing sleds roar by at 11 PM. One group of ice fisherman on the lake at Hodge Bay.

One of my sleds is not running well.  I think there is gunk in the carb.  I had two choices:  try and fix it myself (and probably fail) or take it to Roberts.  I opted to take it in for service.

Which meant digging out the trailer, which had 4 feet of snow in it, and around it, and was frozen in place.  2 hours of shoveling and snowblowing, but we got it out.

I am convincing myself that we need a second garage…..

Sunday looks like another great day to be outdoors.  Temps will rise to the teens, with light snow.  Maybe I will pick up that shotgun and take a walk in the woods….

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