Plastic Bags on your Feet

New York may soon ban plastic grocery bags.  I think this is a good idea, but it may have unintended consequences, and mark the passing of an era.

As a kid, getting ready to go outside and play in the snow, our mothers put our feet in plastic bags (usually Wonder Bread) before putting our boots on.  This made them slip on and off easily.

When I was actively climbing in the Adirondack Peaks during Winter, I used to wear an expensive pair of vapor barrier socks to aid in keeping my feet warm.  I quickly realized that the vapor barrier socks and Wonder Bread bags essentially did the same thing.  I only bought one pair of those socks (and still have them).

Presently, when I go out to chop wood, snow blow, or hunt, I put my foot in a plastic shopping bag before I put my boot on.  Every time I do, for a fleeting second, I think about being  a kid in Fredonia and skating on Canadaway Creek, or sledding on the Brandts’ Hill or at the Graces’, or the Boy Scout Klondike Derby.

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