Black and Tan

Every couple of months, Saranac Brewing issues what they call their “Brewer’s Choice,” tapping their vast library of beer types and styles. At times, they tie the Brewer’s choice to a limited offering of a throwback series.

I was browsing in the local beer store (so, yes, I guess I do shop) and saw a case of Saranac Brewer’s Choice. You need to pull the bottle out of the case and look at it to see what beer it is. I did so. The bottle was labeled “throwback series” and it was a Black and Tan, a mix of stout and lager.

Before the days of craft brewing, before the days of Lake Placid Ubu, Black and Tan had been my beer of choice. I think it was, and is, Saranac’s best offering. I bought some, and will enjoy it this weekend.

Prior to Saranac making this, I drank Black and Tans when I was in Law School and the Forestry College in Syracuse. We would go to Coleman’s and I would mix Harp Lager with Guinness Stout. Coleman’s is one of the best Irish pubs ever (the traffic light at the intersection is inverted– the green light is on top).

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