Loon Lake Weather

Well, we have had it all this week.  Mid week, it was quite cold– too cold to take Porter out hunting, so I went solo.  We have had a significant melt-off of snow, followed by a freeze, so I did not bother with snowshoes.  Crampons were essential, however.  There was about a foot of snow in the woods, sometimes about 18 inches– like when I post-holed through the crusty surface.  Loon Lake itself had a blanket of snow on the ice.  Someone had skied the perimeter, and a group of ice fisherman had set up off Hodge Bay.

Friday it warmed up and we had a persistent rain.  The snow on the lake melted, and water pooled on the surface of the ice.  The ice fisherman came off the lake around Noon.  Our road was a sheet of ice.  As I walked the dogs down one of the hills– they slid down the road, as if their claws were ices skates.  Not a good day to be outside.

We were expecting some packages from Amazon.  I figured Fed Ex might not want to tackle our road.  After it was sanded, I made a run out to the main road– and found our packages, neatly stacked and wrapped in plastic, next to our numbered garbage can.

Right now (Saturday Morning) it is about 40 degrees and very windy.  Much of the snow has melted overnight.  The temperature is supposed to drop to the 20’s and we expect some snow this morning.  It should then clear, and stay cold through the weekend.

We are expecting a house full of family and friends this weekend.   Will make pizza on Saturday.  Making twelve pies– our biggest effort, to date.  Paula spent the rainy Friday making the doughs and preparing ingredients.  I will put the kids to work carting firewood and gathering birch bark (for starting fires).  With this many people, all I have to do is mind the oven and cook the pies; others do all the running back and forth.

We invented a new pizza this week–  Dark Vermont maple syrup, Canadian bacon, Vermont cheddar, Macoun apple, and hot pepper oil.  It will be called either the Green Mountain, or the North of the Border.  Quite good.

Lots of activity around the lake.  Five of the six camps on our Point are occupied.  Folks have been out skiing (downhill and cross country), climbing (Crusher and Loon Lake), ice fishing, and snowmobiling (although trail conditions are marginal).

There are also folks in three of the four camps on the lake that changed hands over the last year.  The new owners are getting a taste of Winter at the lake.

In checking my records–  we typically lose power at some point on New Year’s weekend. Conditions seem ripe to continue the trend–  high winds, dropping temperatures….   Happy New Year!





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