What a week

I felt a lot better, the morning after Election Day, than I did two years ago. Even so, I have been preparing myself for what this President will do, now that the mid term elections are over. And the assault on the rule of law has already commenced.

It scares me that I need to pin my hopes on the Democrats in the House. I don’t think they are capable of a cohesive strategy to resist, let alone challenge this President. the Senate minority has already proven to be totally ineffective– rolling over, again and again, on judicial nominations to the federal bench.

As I look around, the group that seems best geared up for battle, is the ACLU. They deserve out support.

One thought on “What a week

  1. But the senate was soooo important. The courts will be messed up for decades. Just look at the problem FDR faced early in his presidential years.


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