Fall Back Weekend

It has pretty much been raining for three days straight, here at Loon Lake. Pouring, right now.

Yesterday, I saw something I have not seen in years, here at the lake. A late afternoon yellow school bus, passing the lake, to drop off a kid in Inman. I don’t feel so remote.

I somehow screwed up my hunting seasons. Did not realize late duck season opened today, until late last night. I thought it was next weekend. So Porter and I went out. Sunrise was not until 7:32, so legal hunting started just after 7 AM; not that I could see anything through the dark, rain and fog. With sunrise coming so late, I actually slept in this morning. Tomorrow, we will be out an hour earlier.

The house is set for Winter. I am just waiting for next season’s wood to be delivered, so that I can get it stacked and under cover. We are all set with wood for this season.

It looks like it may be clear and Sunny on Sunday. Just maybe we will get out after Grouse.

Given the rainy day, I may end up cleaning and lubricating all the fishing equipment. I also need to get my gear together for our annual duck hunting trip to the St. Lawrence. I can’t remember how many times I have had to detour through Loon Lake on my way to Watertown because I needed to pick something up. (Once, waders; actually twice, waders; once a choke tube for the shotgun).

Stay dry; if the rain lets up, I set up the canopy so I can stay relatively dry while making pizza later.

In closing– please, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.

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