Opening Day, early duck season.

Saturday was opening day– an event I look forward to, every Fall. I train Porter throughout the Spring and Summer. I built a new blind, and brushed it in, last weekend.

Porter and I got to the blind around 5 AM; plenty of time to put out the decoys. As we approached the blind, a beaver slapped its tail, just off shore. Then it did it again, several times. An angry Beaver.

I got to the blind and got a shock. All the branches I had used to brush it in were gone! I looked around and found a pile of leaves at the shore and in the water. The Beaver had eaten my blind. A Beaver buffet.

Luckily, I had time to rebuild. It was a great morning . I carried on an extended conversation with some Mallards, but could not entice them over to our decoys.

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