Raquette Falls

Paula and I kayaked from Axton Landing to Raquette Falls today.

It was mostly clear and sunny, all day. We started before 10 AM, and it was about 60 out.

I have paddled this stretch more than any other water. I have done it when the signs for Axton Landing and Stony Creek have been under water. Not today. The signs were high and dry, on six foot poles. Several of the channel markers were lying on their sides, not even floating. We skimmed by several areas in just inches of water.

This stretch is one of the most scenic in the Adirondacks. Actually, the stretch above the falls, past Cold River and into Long Lake is the most wild. I have done this as a through trip, eight times, seven of which were as the middle leg of the 90 mile Adirondack Canoe Classic.

I have camped at Raquette Falls in the past, usually in the Fall, under a Harvest Moon– when the leaves have changed color. Full green still, today.

We only saw four other people on the water, all day. Very quiet and peaceful.

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