Waterfowl Season Starts this weekend

Early Canada Goose season opens on Saturday, Sept 1. The daily limit is either eight or fifteen, I can’t remember (never an issue for me, here at the lake). Early Duck season starts Columbus Day Weekend. Ruffed Grouse opens late September.

I spent some time this week rebuilding Duck blinds and scouting area ponds. It is nice to visit spots I have not been to since last year, especially spots that had been covered with deep snow.

Waterfowl hunting is not really a major activity around the lake. We are just a bit too far South of the flyway along the St. Lawrence, and too far West of Lake Champlain. Still, I give it a go, every year.

Grouse hunting is more popular, but still does pales in comparison to big game hunting. Grouse hunting involves significant walking through the woods, and, in some cases, can conflict with big game hunting (especially when hunting with a dog). Porter and I choose our areas carefully.

I did see something interesting this week. Several years ago, National Grid removed a well-established Osprey nest from a utility pole crosstie out at Fishhole Pond. They put an Osprey nesting platform on top of the pole. The platform has remained bare and has not been used– until now. Ospreys have built a nest on the platform.

I have been involved in placing Osprey platforms, to avoid conflict with utility line operations. If possible, I try to get the line crew to place some of the old nesting material on the new platforms, to draw the Ospreys to the new structure.

Last year, my daughter called on September 1st at about 6:45 AM, as I was headed out to hunt geese. She was on the way to the hospital to have a baby. Paula started to get ready to head down to Albany. I went hunting. When I got back to camp later that morning, my son informed me that she had a baby girl around 7:30, 5 minutes after getting to the hospital. I wanted to name her Goose, but they chose Rosie.

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