So Quiet at the Lake

Thursday night we had a great thunderstorm throughout the evening and into the night. Paula and I sat on the covered porch for most of it. Quite something.

Yesterday and today were beautiful. The water is quite warm. I spend considerable time on the water– both in the kayak, and trolling from the Jon boat. I am still amazed at how quiet the lake is.

Last night was perfectly clear, with no moon. We were out, taking in the stars. I saw a couple shooting stars– I understand we should see a meteor shower Sunday night….

One troubling trend– I have been noticing more power boats at some of the rental camps. This is not a good– given the increase risk that invasive species will be introduced to Loon Lake from these boats.

How did it get to be August? We have been away for a bit, given family obligations. It seemed like forever, yet it was actually less than two weeks. Paula said she felt the same. I feel that the Summer is flying by…

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