The Joys of Owning a Boat

The Whaler is down here on the Hudson for a bit. I keep it on the water, in a slip at the Coeymans Marina. I like to cruise on the Hudson, watching the Bald Eagles. Paula and I also like to take it down to Hudson, and then walk into town for lunch. This is a beautiful section of the River.

The Hudson is always a challenge, and always offers up different conditions, given the changes in current, tide, and wind; coupled with the big waves created by the large ships and tugs with barges.

And this week we dealt with torrential downpours.

It was in one such storm that I went down to check on the boat. A Whaler is unsinkable, so I was not too worried. When I got to the boat, I found it to be essentially a bathtub, filled with water. The bilge pump had drained the deep cycle battery and quit.

I switched to the starting battery, drained the boat, and started the motor to charge the batteries. In a driving rain, with thunder all around. In checking the deep cycle battery, I realized it was 4 years old. So I decided to replace it.

The marina was accommodating, as I grabbed a battery of their shelf, saying, “I’ll be back to settle up.” Eric the mechanic lent me a wrench, as he worked, dry, in one of the garages. The rain did let up a bit, while I switched out the batteries. All good for now.

Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to bring the Whaler down here, so I could spend more time using it on the Hudson.

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