This is not funny

We actually have a president who just threatened another country– via Twitter. We have a president who has openly embraced an enemy of this country and who has disavowed our own non political intelligence agencies.

We have a president who is contemptible, dishonest, ignorant and racist. He has no respect for the rule of law and is morally unfit to lead this country.

What to do? Impeachment is highly unlikely, given congressional dysfunction. Therefore, I suggest two things. First, vote! Support voter registration. Support voter turnout. Make your voice heard, at all levels, at every opportunity. Second, challenge the administration, on every front and issue, large and small. Kudos to the ACLU, for doing exactly this. Support the groups that are instituting these legal challenges. Collectively, we can achieve what individually we cannot.

Don’t just sit back and do nothing. Counter this incompetence with an intelligent, reasoned approach.

I don’t enjoy writing this, but I cannot remain silent.

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