Mid July at the Lake

What a run of good weather! We have not had any significant rain since the end of June. The temperatures cooled off over the past week, and it was comfortably cool at night. We may get a thunderstorm late afternoon today.

We have had enough wind to get the sailboat on the lake. The ridges surrounding us result in some interesting wind patterns.

The water is quite pleasant for swimming- which we do several times a day, dogs included. The dogs are in quite a routine, here. Fully speed outside, zonked out asleep inside.

We are fortunate in that Loon Lake is quite remote. There is very little activity. An occasional boat goes by, and you usually see a couple of kayaks or canoes out. The folks around the lake have made a concerted effort to keep the lake free of invasive species– so far we have been successful. It is so quiet and peaceful, that I fell asleep, just floating on my kayak, lazing in the sun….

Yesterday, after dropping the kids at soccer camp, Paula and I climbed Haystack Mt. in Ray Brook. About 2/3rds of the way in, just before the serious climbing began, we crossed Ray Brook at a small concrete dam, with a water intake structure behind in, in the small impoundment. I am curious as to its purpose.

The last of our guests/family are leaving later today. Paula and I will have the camp to ourselves for the first time in about 2 weeks.

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