Just Do It…

In mid-April, I went in for my annual physical.  I always like seeing my doctor, until this visit.  He told me three things– he was retiring the end of June,  my cholesterol was too damn high, and my sugar level put me in the pre-diabetic category.

Now, I like my doctor.  Our typical visits usually involve discussing our camps in the Adirondacks, surf-casting on Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard, training dogs, trap shooting, and Boston Whalers.   We seldom talk about my health.

So he gave me a challenge, back in mid-April.He told me to see what I could do to improve my health, and scheduled more blood work for mid-June, right before he retired.  He said: “just do it.”

So I intensified my workouts, and changed my diet (the secret– Weight Watchers).  I dropped 21 pounds over 10 weeks.  And I did so without sacrificing pizza on the weekend….

I just heard from my doctor–  my total cholesterol dropped 67 points and is now “low” and I am no longer pre-diabetic. His last note to me:  “Keep doing what you are doing– it is working.  Stay well.”

I will miss him, and our talks.  Good luck, Greg.  Hope to see you on the water, in the woods, on the range and on the beach.

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