Rainy day tonite

It was supposed to rain all day today. After I walked the dogs this morning, I decided to run up Crusher Mountain with Porter, as it was not yet raining. Soon after that, Saske and I went fishing. The only excitement came when a Loon surfaced next to the boat.

We got back to camp, and Paula asked if I wanted to climb Crusher, before the rain. So We took Porter and went up the Mountain. He was confused.

As it still was not raining, I swam the dogs for the first time this year. Three quick retrieves each, as the water is still quite chilly.

I decided to erect the rain tarp in front of the pizza oven, as I don’t like cooking in the rain. After I put it up I noticed we had about 50% blue sky….

It finally did rain, when I was cooking pizza.

A much better day outside at the lake than I had expected.

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