Still Winter at Loon Lake!

Who would of thought that I would need to snow blow on April 20th?  I did–  we have been getting 1-3 inches of snow each night, on top of the 9 inches we got last weekend. The lake is covered with snow and ice.  Hopefully with some sunny and warmer days, the snow will leave us, soon.

There is an article in today’s Adirondack Daily Enterprise about a coyote chasing and killing a deer on the lake, off Horsehead Point.  This late Spring is tough on wildlife.

There is another article about a man from Duane being arrested for murder; he buried the victim’s body on property, in Duane.  Hitting kinda close to home.

Checking my recent records for ice out days:  2017:  April 19th; 2016: April 22nd; 2015: April 30th; 2014: April 30th.  Given the weather forecast for next week, I think we are not going to see the lake until sometime in early May, this year.

Not much activity around the lake.  The logging operation on the base of Loon lake Mountain is still underway.  I am busying myself getting my fishing tackle in order.  Getting antsy.  I am so ready for Spring–


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