The Season of Melt at Loon Lake

We have less than a foot of snow in the woods.  The snowbanks along the roads are receding.  Large puddles of pooling water are everywhere.  The roads that are not paved are quite soft.  All roads are free of snow and ice, but some are slippery from the accumulation of sand.

The only noticeable activity is the sound of the logging operation on the base of Loon Lake Mountain, and I saw one loaded log truck  pass by on Route 26.

Outside activities are very limited.  I think we will take a long walk later, along the road.  Our snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling are all wrapped for the season.  Will tackle some indoor projects over the next Month, as we wait for ice-out.

Trout season opens on Sunday, and the North Branch of the Saranac River is running free, fast, high and cold.  I may have to head down the hill and give it a try.

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