After the events of this last week, I felt a strong need to rejuvenate, and remind myself of what true leadership is.

So Paula and I spent Saturday at the FDR Museum and Presidential Library in Hyde Park.

What an inspiration.  To see how FDR resolved to conquer polio– To see how he resolved to end the Depression–To see how he responded to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  What a truly great and inspirational man.

To see his own initial handwritten draft of the speech to Congress after the Attack on Pearl Harbor, and then the marginal notes on several subsequent typewritten drafts–  to the final penciled in  notes on text of the version he read from.  Just awesome.

All before computers, cell phones, fax machines, email, text messages, Twitter.  He had  fireside chats on the radio.  Speaking directly to the Nation; to comfort, explain and lead.

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