A Fun Morning

We are at our home in the Capital District.  Yesterday’s storm has just about petered out.  The last two storms have dumped significantly more snow here than up at Loon Lake.

Around 3 AM, we lost power.  I know this, as the smoke detector above my head conveniently beeps loudly five times when the power goes out.  Which wakes up Porter, the 65 pound Golden, who decides that it time to sit on my chest, while I lie in bed, trying to sleep.  But all I can think about is (1) the driveway, (2) the generator, and (3) will the gym be open?

Around 4 AM, I gave up any pretense of sleep and got up.  I turned on the gas-fired fireplace and basement stove, and then shoveled enough snow to pull out the generator.  When we build this house eleven years ago, we had it wired with a gentran switch.  This is the first time I have actually had to use the generator.  Of course, the battery was dead– so I had to jump it with the tractor.  Started right up, and I switched over to the generator.

As long as I was out there, I blew out the driveway.  My new neighbors must love me.  4AM and I had both the generator and snowblower going.

Back inside, I found that I had neglected to have the kitchen wall outlets wired to the generator.  I had eight outlets wired in the front study, so I ran an extension cord– to the coffee pot.  I always set up and grind the beans the night before.  I did not realize that the power outage had caused the coffee pot to reset.  So we brewed a pot of extremely strong coffee–  twice the typical grounds. And a lovely mess to clean up.

FIOS was down, so I turned my iPhone into a hotspot.  We were connected.

At 5 AM, I woke Paula and told her the roads were clear– no need for her to close school.

Power came back on just after 6 AM.  As Paula was leaving for the gym she said, “Did you have fun this morning? You do know you could have just stayed in bed until after 6, and everything would have been fine, don’t you?”

What’s the fun in that?

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