Radio Free Vermont, by Bill McKibben

My friends know that I am a voracious reader.  Always have been.  Lately, I have been reading short stories.  I think, because of so many intervening distractions.

So this weekend, as I placed my weekly Amazon book order, I bought the book mentioned above.  I have not met Bill McKibben, but we know and interact with many of the same people,  and both love the Adirondacks.  He has a house near Crane Mountain, my all-time favorite Adirondack Peak. Another of his books, Wandering Home, is about a hike he takes from Middlebury, Vermont to his home on Crane Mountain.  Another great read.

Radio Free Vermont arrived yesterday afternoon.  After dinner, I sat down to start  reading it.

I ended up reading it, cover to cover.   Have not done that in years.  Lost track of time.  What a great book.  A real nice break from the political reality in which we live.

I am loaning it to a friend from Vermont (in exchange for a six pack of local craft beer).  If you would like it next, please drop me a note.

One thought on “Radio Free Vermont, by Bill McKibben

  1. Hi Keith,
    You may enjoy this book:
    New Wilderness Voices

    The stories, all non-fiction, are less adventure stories than they are meditations on nature. Includes two ADK stories, including my bushwhack up Lookout oh so long ago…

    Enjoy, Wendy


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