Preseason Baseball

Next to curling, I love Spring preseason baseball.

The games don’t matter, and everyone is relaxed.  That is, except for the young player trying to make the final team roster.

I like the preseason games for the analysis.  The Mets’ broadcasters are the best:  Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling.   Their interaction and knowledge is amazing.  They focus on each individual player, regardless of team.  Listening to them is how I learn about the new crop of players coming up, and learn how the veterans are doing.

I have actually watched three complete games (yes, while multi-tasking) this Spring.  During the regular season, I tend to last about five batters, or half an inning. We tend to go to one game ayear, if that– Yankees at Fenway, to make both Paula (Yankee fan) and me happy (I love Fenway).

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