Lazy Day at Camp

This is a tough time of the year in the Northern Adirondacks.

March is typically a snowy month.   Yet, we have just gone through a major thaw.  The snowbanks have receded, and you don’t need snowshoes in the woods.  Not easy walking, though.

Grouse season is over.  The only season still open up here is rabbit– and their tracks are everywhere.  I may go out tomorrow– just to give Porter a run in the woods– I am not much of a rabbit hunter.  I split a bunch of wood   for the exercise today.  It is good just to enjoy the peacefulness of being at camp.

This big storm missed us.  We got about an inch of snow.  The days have been warm enough that the ice on the roads is mostly gone.

There is not enough snow on the  trails to take out the snowmobiles.  Some kids were riding sleds down the big hill at the golf course, and we have two groups of ice fisherman out on the lake.

It is pretty quiet here– I may head down to my workbench and carve decoys.

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