Enact Federal Gun Control- Now

I am numb, and tired of writing this, yet again.

My son is a police officer.  My daughter is a social worker, working with the mentally ill.  My wife is a school administrator.  I routinely hunt, shoot trap, and sporting clays.

I support any form of national gun control that will make my family  safer in their jobs.

In New York, we are fortunate enough to have the SAFE Act.  Let it be a model to guide enactment of a federal counterpart.

I take this position as an outdoor sportsman.  The SAFE Act has not interfered with my ability to hunt, shoot trap or sporting clays.  The only difference for me—I no longer mail order ammunition;  I buy it in person.  If this requirement saves one life—then it is worth it.  Absolutely no complaints from me.

I am a gun owner, who yearns for stricter national gun control.  We must take action; now.  Our elected representatives must be held  accountable to us; not the NRA.

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