The Hotel Saranac – Go!!

Wow!  We used to stop at the Hotel Saranac for dinner on Fridays, back when it was affiliated with Paul Smith’s College.  Paula and I went in to the Hotel yesterday, to check it out and have lunch.  The refurbishment of the newly-opened hotel is spectacular.

The bar on the second floor has a large common area and is flanked by a ballroom and a veranda.  It reminded me of the bar in the hotel in The Shining….

The restaurant and bar on the main level is also very nice.  Comfortable.  Patrons were wearing ties, flannel, jeans, ski pants, heels, boots…..quite a mix.

The food, service and drinks were all very good.  They had a  porter from Cooperstown on tap.  Try the fried brussels sprouts (my family loves brussels sprouts– but then I cook them with a pound of diced bacon…).

The hotel is affiliated with Hilton.

All in all, I would say it was worth the wait; here is to their success.



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