Yes, it is cold out

It is twenty below this morning, at Loon Lake.  Crystal clear, bright sky.  The snow crunches as you walk– the birch trees are coated with ice, while the evergreens are weighted down with thick snow.  No wind at all-  very quiet. There is over a foot of snow in the woods.

The dogs can stay out for just a few minutes, it is so cold.  The fire in the fireplace seems to be continuous.

I did go out grouse hunting yesterday.  I needed snowshoes, and Porter had to stay home.  I was OK as long as I kept moving.  The woods were beautiful, and I worked my way down to Plumadore Brook, which was running freely.  When I got back I fired up the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.  The temperature was 17 below.  The oven worked flawlessly.  There were no bugs, and my beer stayed cold.  Actually, it got quite sluggish, near the end of each bottle.

There are some Christmas visitors around the lake, but most camps are empty and snowed in.

We are expecting two of the kids’ families this weekend.  3.5 grand kids– one of whom will have a birthday.  I recreated the sled run down the hill from the camp to the lake.  Don’t know how much time the kids will spend outdoors–  We did get the pizza order already; looks like I will be baking 9 pies on Saturday.  The boys will need to split down some more wood.  The temperature could range from minus 17 to 8 degrees– making Saturday potentially the warmest day through New Year’s Weekend.


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