Very Quiet at the Lake

The temperature is in the low 20’s, and we have about 2 inches of new snow on the ground.  Just enough to see animal tracks.  Yesterday, I spotted tracks of  chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, deer and moose.

It is very quiet at the lake.  Big game hunting is over; no one is in the hunting camps over in Inman.  I love this time of year, as I have the woods to myself.   I can stop worrying about a careless hunter shooting my dog, while we  are out for grouse.  I get much quieter– less whistles and calls for the dog.  We just do our own thing.

Our bay, Molasses Bay, is frozen up to our camp.  The main body of the lake is still unfrozen.  That will probably change this next week– temperatures are predicted to drop.

Paula is finishing up her Christmas baking– next weekend she will assemble her cookie trays.  25 trays and 14 different cookies.  She has counted them all and noted the count on each back.  I think she does this to deter me from eating them.

I have been out in the woods collecting raw materials for the grand kids to make tree ornaments.  They have their own tree at our house; each year they make a new ornament.  We no longer bake ornaments, as the dogs tend to eat them.  The few that remain have to be hung high on the kids’ tree.

This is the weekend we watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  I can recite this movie, yet every time I watch it, I see something I never noticed before.

Today I will be cutting wood and grouse hunting, while Paula bakes.  Should be a good one.

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