Thanksgiving Weekend at Loon Lake

The weather this time of year is pretty variable.  When we got to camp, our road had been plowed, and I needed stabilicers just to walk around outside– we had a thin coating of ice everywhere.  Molasses Bay was mostly frozen over.  The next day was in the high forties, with a constant high wind out of the West.  The snow and ice melted.  The  ice on the bay all melted.  Yesterday, we had rain.  This morning, I walked the dogs in a blizzard, and it is in the low 20s.

We brought the Thanksgiving turkey carcass with us to camp– Paula made Turkey soup yesterday, and began her Christmas cookie baking.  The soup came in handy as we had some young unexpected guests–  our fourth kid Laz and his girlfriend Mallory spent the night.  They were up to hear a band in Saranac Lake at the Waterhole.  When he gets up, I will put Laz to work cutting wood for the pizza oven.  He asked for pullapart (monkey bread) for breakfast.  He has had that for breakfast with us at camp for the  last seventeen years.  He even bought milk while in town last night.

Grouse hunting has been good.  I tend to see more picking up gravel along the road on my way to and from hunting…..  I will head out again later this morning.  Should be interesting in the woods with the fresh snow.  I may even put a deer slug in my pocket….


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