Winter Weekend – Updated

Fifteen degrees, clear skies, and millions of stars.  Just back from walking the dogs.  Turned off the headlamp to enjoy the stars with zero artificial light.  Spectacular.

We have a dusting of snow on the ground.  The back road over the shoulder of Whiteface Mountain was pretty slick, yesterday.  Glad I put new snows on the truck.  It was nice to have dinner waiting when we got back to camp.  Emily is here– 2 month old Rosie’s first visit.

Heading out for ducks shortly.  Many of the surrounding ponds are frozen.  Our season ends quickly in the Northern Adirondacks.  Will shift to Grouse later in the day.

I surmise I am firing up the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven later– I am looking at six pizza doughs rising on the kitchen oven shelf.

Should be a great day at Loon Lake.

UPDATE:  Woke up Sunday to freezing rain.  Aborted a trip to the duck pond, as the road was very icy.  Lost power at the lake around 10:30 AM.  NGrid indicates it will be restored mid-afternoon.  We have the fire going– Paula is baking bread for Thanksgiving stuffing and has started Christmas cookie baking.  The dogs have no interest in going out.

Fired up the Shortwave radio–  dead silence.  So in a blowing snowstorm, I went out to change the antenna feedline.   Success.  Morse code permeates the house.  I find it soothing, Paula thinks it is annoying.

Another good day.



One thought on “Winter Weekend – Updated

  1. I remember the soothing feeling from the glow of vacuum tubes, and the warmth on a wintry day. Morse code is soothing too!!
    Not much anymore on ota shortwave broadcasts.


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