This is why you vote

From the November 10th Adirondack Daily Enterprise:

Many local races were won by wide margins at the polls, so it’s impossible or highly unlikely that absentee ballots will change them. The Essex County Board of Elections reports that absentee ballots will have no effect on any race in North Elba, Wilmington, Jay, Keene or St. Armand.

Two races in Franklin County, however, were close enough that absentee ballots might change the outcome.

In the town of Franklin’s four-way race for two council seats, only nine votes separate Don Hamm in second place and Nancy Bernstein in third. The Franklin County Board of Elections says 25 absentee ballots were sent out for that town, and 23 had been received as of Thursday morning. It’s possible that the absentees could swing things Bernstein’s way.

One of those absentee ballots is mine.  It is nice to actually see that your vote does make a difference.  The final tally will be made November 15th.

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