Porter taste test

So I have begun drinking beer again–I think because of all the time spent sitting next to the wood-fired pizza oven, tending the fire for two hours whenever we make pizza.

My favorite beer is a Porter–  I usually only have one, so I opt for quality and taste.  I have been drinking Founder’s Porter, which is truly excellent.

I thought maybe I was falling into a complacent rut regarding beer, so I set out to sample other Porters.  My local beer store allows you to mix and match six packs, so I picked up six different Porters.  I drank one a night.  I lined up the empties in order of preference– left to right.

My conclusion–  Founder’s is by far the best.  Bell’s is second, neck and neck with Southern Tier Porter (Chautauqua County–  where I am from).

I am creating  a subcategory of Porters, for those that introduce another flavor–  like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, or are aged in bourbon casks.

I am really liking this taste test approach.


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