Loon Gulf and logging

Loon Gulf has been in the process of divesting itself of its holdings around Loon Lake.  Some parcels have been sold– with many of the new owners expressing  an intent to preserve the existing wild nature of the parcels.  That is a good thing.

In the meantime,  Loon Gulf  has been busily logging some of its parcels that are more remote from the lake.   I was initilly  impressed with how the logging started last year, on Mensink Road.   No longer.  It is apparent that Loon Gulf is seeking to maximize their short – term profit, with no plan for the long-term health of the forests they are destroying.

I see no evidence that the loggers are using sustainable logging techniques, or that they are implementing any best management practices to avoid sedimentation, erosion, run-off or foster new growth.  What I am seeing amounts to rape and pillage of the land.  Extract everything of value, with no plan for  the future of the woodlands.   This is true of the logging off Mensink Road, Route 26, Blue Spruce and Kushaqua-Mud Pond Road. They are currently commencing to log off Mensink Road again, creating a clearing next to Sandpiper Lane.  From this point they can access holdings that include one of the mountain sides visible from the lake, above the power-line ROW.

To date there has been no logging along the undeveloped side of Loon Lake, or above the defunct golf course.  These areas have vale for potential development; as such, hopefully they will be treated differently.





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