Early November at Camp

The leaves are down and it is 28 degrees.  Today marks the opening of late Duck season– heading to the blind shortly, with Porter. While out and about yesterday, we saw ducks, geese, grouse, turkeys and deer.  Not many people. Will head out for grouse later.

We will finish buttoning up the house for Winter this weekend.  Probably time to pull the jon Boat, and put the last kayak away.

Ran into Malone (the County Seat) to vote yesterday.  Important this year, in New York–  I do not recommend voting for Proposition One on the Constitutional Convention–  it is important to preserve the “Forever Wild” protections for the Adirondacks in Article XIV.  I do support Proposition Three on Forest Preserve land swaps.

It should be a decent day.  When I got up I found 4 pizza doughs rising in the kitchen–  I guess I am firing up the outdoor pizza oven later.

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