First Grouse

I am solo at camp this week, for the opening of early duck season.  I usually hunt pretty solid the first couple of days. I throw some grouse hunting as well.

Paula is back in Albany, helping with the two new grandkids.

The weather today is beautiful.  Cool and sunny, with a slight wind.

Porter and I went out mid day for Grouse.  We flushed one immediately– I heard it, but did not see it.  We were in my favorite stretch of woods.  It was logged about ten years ago– fairly easy walking on the old logging traces.  I like this spot, as it is bounded on three sides by a pond, powerline and old Railroad ROW.  Hard for even me to get lost, so I can relax and focus on hunting.

We walked for about two hours, and were approaching  the powerline.  I was stopping every ten steps or so, which supposedly will spook the grouse into flying.  Porter had been quartering in front of me, but I had called him to heel, as we were about to get onto the powerline ROW.  I stopped.  After about 5 seconds, a grouse exploded off the ground, literally inches in front of me.  My shot was pure instinct.  I do not even remember it.  I hit the grouse.  Porter was just looking at me.  I told him to fetch, and he did.  Took him a minute to find the bird.  His first grouse retrieve.

Grouse on the grill for dinner.Porterwithhisfirstgrouse.jpg

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