Columbus Day

It is Columbus Day, and it is pouring here at the Lake.  It is warm—about 60, with little wind.

I overslept, because of the rain, but made it to the duck blind with Porter just in time to get the decoys out.  Lots of ducks flew early.  Got a pair to circle back, but they wouldn’t decoy.

Porter has learned to snuggle into his blind when it is raining, while I stand there and get soaked.

We watched an Osprey fish.  Simply awesome.  Backpedaled with its wings, to hang still in the air, then dropped like a stone into the water.  Huge splash.  Came up with a fish.

Paula made two loaves of sourdough bread this morning.  One for us, and the other for our oldest granddaughter, Gianna.  She does not share it with her family.

If this rain lets up, I may take the Whaler in to Winterize and store.  So it just started raining harder.

At least we have all the wood in, and under cover.  Ordered up propane for the generator, and made an appointment to have the furnace serviced.  Outside water is off.

We still have two kayaks and the jon boat down on the water.  No idea what the weather will do over the next several weeks.

Nice lazy day at the lake.  Had planned to grouse hunt today (like, planned all year….) but the rain aborted those plans.

Time to cut that loaf of bread.


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