A Fall Weekend at Camp

Slight drizzle this morning. Forty degrees.  I need to finish getting my wood in (for next season), and get it under cover.  We are making pizza later in the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven; Paula is also planning on baking a couple loaves of sourdough bread outside.  Last weekend, we roasted a turkey outside.  I think I still have one serving of turkey soup left. I have been eating well.

Porter and I will head out midday for grouse.  We flew one yesterday.  It is hard to see anything with the majority of the leaves still on the trees.  The grouse are smart; they pretty much do not move as they blend in perfectly with the leaves/pine needles on the ground.

At some point I need to check my duck blinds.  Early season opens next weekend.

The lake is quite warm– around 71 degrees.  The dogs love the late season swimming.  Fishing should pick up over the next several weeks.

We had a great run of Summer weather over the last three weeks.  The drizzle this morning is the first rain we have seen.  Yesterday was the first time I reached for a sweatshirt since August. Not complaining.




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