Summer returns to Loon Lake

It will be sunny, clear and 78 degrees here at the lake today.  Much the same as yesterday.  I was working from the lake yesterday and was able to kayak during my lunch break.  Very nice side benefit.

I have two of my oldest friends up for the traditional guys’ weekend at camp.  I met one in grad school, the other was my best man, and I worked with both at NYSDEC.  Some really great shared experiences, going back 35 years.

One is going on a 70 mile bike ride today, including a ride up the Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway.  I think I will be heading out in the kayaks with the other.

Looking forward to an awesome weekend.

One thought on “Summer returns to Loon Lake

  1. Don’t you mean summer finally arrives at Loon Lake? If I am not mistaken, this is the first string of nice warm sunny days since early June. I can count the number of days it hit 80 at the Lake on one hand. 🙂


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