Pretty wet here at Loon Lake

And also quiet.  Many camps pulled there boats and swim floats at the end of Labor Day weekend.  We typically get a stretch of warm, dry weather in September– I keep the Whaler in until Columbus Day to enjoy the Fall foliage.

It is only Paula and me at camp.  Grandkids are back in school.  This is the first quiet time for us in about three weeks.

This weekend’s project– getting the wood in for next Winter.

The County Highway Department is “working” on Route 26.  More accurately, they are destabilizing it.  They are stripping all vegetation off the shoulders of the road, and leaving the bare soil exposed.  Once stripped, they are not employing any temporary erosion control measures and have no plans to do any permanent restoration.  I would not be permitted to do this under a stormwater protection permit for any of my energy projects.  Such actions are not consistent with current stormwater regulations.  The County claims this activity is allowed as routine maintenance under an aged MOU with NYSDEC. If so– the MOU needs to be updated.  NYSDEC is investigating.

Loon Gulf is aggressively logging their lands along Kushaqua-Mud Pond Road.  What I am seeing is not the implementation of sustainable logging best management practices. It appears the land is being cleared for eventual subdivision.  Vistas and views are being opened up, building lots are being cleared.

My camp on Loon Lake is bordered with a greenspace lot, that cannot be developed.  The greenspace owners are proposing to subdivide this lot to provide three separate access points to the Lake.  I have neighbors that don’t currently have easy access to the lake.  I am in a quandary.   Two of my neighbors are great people and would use this access responsibly.  The third camp is a high-use rental property that has been nothing but a head-ache and is currently for sale; having lakefront access would significantly improve the attractiveness of this camp to potential buyers.  I really do not want to the possibility of jet skis, the potential introduction of invasive species, and any potential to disrupt my quiet enjoyment of the lake associated with this increased access.

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