Beautiful Late Summer Day at Loon Lake

It did hit 44 degrees overnight….  The day was Sunny with a slight wind out of the West.  In the 70s.

I spent the early morning training Porter– getting him tuned up for the upcoming goose and duck seasons.  Early goose starts Friday–  I then made the  first pass on checking all of my various blinds in the area.  Water levels seem low on the ponds surrounding the lake.

We walked into the Saranac River off Goldsmith Road and made a fire for hot dogs and smore’s.  The three kids had fun– ages 34, 36 and 2.

I just went out and paddled the lake and have a question– where is everyone?  I am not complaining, but I only saw one other craft on the water– a small skiff fishing near Outlet Bay.  I actually did not paddle very much– kinda just floated around and enjoyed the sun, wind and water.

I will say that I am starting to see some red on the hills surrounding the lake.  Loaded up the fireplace wood boxes– figuring we will have the first fire of the season some night soon.

Or not– grandchild number 6 is due any day…


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