Crusher Mountain and Surveyor Point; Prince Camp Point

The parcel of land owned by Loon Gulf that encompasses Surveyor Point, Crusher Mountain, and curves up and along Route 26 to upper Bass Lake Road has been sold. This parcel includes some waterfront along Molasses Bay.  The backside of the parcel abuts the Sable Highlands lands owned by a private paper company, which is  subject to a somewhat restrictive recreational access easement with NYSDEC.

I believe the intent of  the new owner is to preserve open space, as it currently exists.  The parcel has been selectively posted (Surveyor Point, and lands around some existing homes).  It does not appear that the Crusher Mountain  trail has been posted.

He has also purchased the portion of Prince Camp Point formerly owned by Loon Gulf.  This parcel abuts Route 26 and, I believe, includes the land along Route 26 at Hodge Bay.

Other parcels sold by Loon Gulf have been extensively logged.  Most recently, the parcel bounded by Route 26 and Blue Spruce.

I am an advocate for sustainable Forestry, which includes responsible logging.  It significantly improves the health of the forest and provides much more diverse wildlife habitat.

2 thoughts on “Crusher Mountain and Surveyor Point; Prince Camp Point

    • Surveyor Point is the point of land located at Rt 26 and Mensink Road, directly across from our camp on Horsehead Point. There is an old camp near the base of the point. The Chimney still stands. Perhaps that is where the surveyors stayed?


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