ADKWhaler on the Hudson

Every Summer, I bring my Whaler down from the lake to a well-protected slip at a marina south of Albany. You can see the break wall separating the marina from the main Hudson River Channel.  Every year, someone tries to cut straight over to the marina at high tide.  The Hudson below Troy is tidal–  the pencil dock to which the Whaler is tied slides up and down the pole at the end of the dock.

The Hudson is an amazing, working, dangerous river.  It is different every time I take the Whaler out.  You contend with waves, current, wind and tide.  Jet skis, kayaks, huge tankers, tugs and barges. Lots of waterfowl.  Bald eagles are common.

I took Paula, my daughter and my two year old grandson out last night.  The new Honda 100 hp outboard moves the Whaler with ease– much better than the old 75 hp Mercury– I never liked that motor.  Paula commented that we seemed to be effortlessly gliding on top of the water, and we were.  The boat planes with ease, instead of laboring and plowing through the water.

I have found that if the Whaler  is on the water, I use it just about  every other day.  If it is sitting on its trailer–  maybe once a week.


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