Thunderstorms all day…

The dogs got me up this morning at 4:30 AM, for no good reason.  I think they heard (or felt)  distant high rumbles of thunder. I fed and walked them early; you could feel a storm building, in the air.  There was a constant rumble of thunder in the distance.  Izaak was not happy being outside.

About twenty seconds after getting back into camp, it began to pour.  Hard.  The window sills were soaked by the time I got to all the lakeside windows.  It has been pouring for 90 minutes, with lots of thunder and lightning.  I like watching these early morning storms.

I had planned on hiking and paddling today.  Not sure if that will happen.  We are making pizza this afternoon.  Will probably have to set up a tarp to work under.  This weekend, it is just two of us at camp, so we will only make a couple of pizzas.  Last weekend we had a total of eight kids and grand kids up, and we made nine pies.  Quite the production.  My Son said we should sell pizza and beer on Saturday nights,  here at the lake.  Then he added, to “fund my kids’ college education.”

Paula is continuing her cheese making endeavors.  She has focused on soft cheeses, so far– all good.  we took a sausage making class this week, and I just ordered a sausage grinder and stuffer. That will be fun, but we will end up with  a lot of sausage, as we will make a minimum of five pounds each time.

Heading to Western New York this week.  Will spend a night in Fredonia, and plan on having dinner with an old friend.

Still raining.  Hard.

2 thoughts on “Thunderstorms all day…

  1. Yes! Make pizza for sale! Little Italy’s pizza is the best in the United States, but going to Saranac Lake just to get a pizza is a real chore, plus by the time you get it home, it is cold. Still spoiled by the convenience and proximity of everything you could want in the Baltimore-Washington area. Got to tell you Keith, you guys are really high energy people, not sure how you manage to do it.


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