Congress and the President

My approach to politics is simple– I vote for the best candidate, regardless of their political affiliation.
This past year I supported a Republican candidate for Congress, from the Hudson Valley.  I don’t live in his district, but I have worked with him several times over the years, and have come to respect his work ethic and opinions.   We have had lunch and dinner together several times; I attended one of his fundraisers. We disagree on many issues, but I view him as a man of character, with a healthy respect for how we govern in this country.
I think this Congressman is one of the most important people in Washington, right now.  I firmly believe we need to have  responsible Congressional Republicans confront Trump regarding his lies, obstruction of justice; disparaging comments about women, and attacks on the media.  Certainly the Republican leaders in Congress have proven themselves incapable  in this regard.   So I must  turn to this Freshman Congressman.
To this end, I sent him the following note:
I am appalled at the behavior and conduct  of the President.  He certainly does not share my values,  including a respect for the rule of law. I do not appreciate a President who continually lies and  exhibits the impulse control of a child. His continuing disparaging comments about women and false claims about the media reflect an outlook I abhor and call for a strong and immediate response. 
In my opinion, containing this behavior will require responsible Republicans in Congress to start speaking up and condemn Trump’s actions.
Are you such a responsible Republican?

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