Grand Kids don’t melt

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Up here in the Northern Adirondacks, with a house full of grand kids.

The woods are saturated.  Streams are high, and running fast.  Some trails have become streams.

One of my sons flew into Upper Sargant Ponds last Saturday.  He can’t get out today, as Pilot Tom Helms cannot see through the clouds and fog to land.

My job today has been to keep the grandkids occupied.  So I did what I always do– ignore the weather.  We cut wood, and prepped the pizza oven for use tomorrow.  We swam the dogs.   I swam the grand kids.  They helped dust and vacuum. One learned where I keep the Founder’s Porter, and brought me one.

They all got cleaned up, and are now having girl time– getting their nails done.  The dogs and I are hanging on the porch,  watching it rain.  The 7 yr old grand kid just topped off my G&T.

Life is good.

All my best to my Fredonia ’77 classmates attending  our reunion weekend.  Thinking of you, and of the too many classmates that have passed.

Keith – ADKWhaler.

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