So we took the youngest two grand kids berry picking.  On a gorgeous day.

There is no better taste than a freshly picked strawberry.  That is probably one of my strongest childhood memories– up there with the smell of concord grapes in the Fall, or eating a just-picked tomato on a hot Summer day.

We had a great time in the field.  It reminded me of working in Fredonia as a kid.  I spent a lot of time working on farms, in the vineyards, fields, and barns.  I remember being given a special assignment by Mrs. Aldrich, when I worked at Aldrich’s Dairy.  She walked me over to a field of strawberries and told me to start picking berries for a fresh strawberry sundae special. I did, and when I finished work that day, she told me to have one.  It was the best. And she was the best.

The kids had their first fresh strawberry shortcake last night.  I ended up with a stomach ache, I ate so many berries yesterday.

It was worth it.

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