Turtles on the move

They are  moving upland, looking for sandy soil to lay their eggs.  They are big and quite strong.

This weekend, while out training Porter, I came across four large turtles at the intersection of Mensink and Blue Spruce.  One was attempting to nest in the middle of the intersection.  I jumped off the John Deere Gator to move her to a safe spot.

That’s when things got interesting.  One of the other turtles bit the rear tire of the Gator and started to drag it back towards the headwaters of Mud Pond.  It was surreal.  It was like time was moving in slow motion– real slow motion, because they were turtles. Another turtle got in the act and  bit the other rear tire, helping to drag it towards the pond.

Things we getting dicey.  Luckily Porter had a great idea.  He grabbed the end of the winch wire on the front of the Gator.  He ran backwards, unspooling the wire.  I took it from him, and wrapped it around a tree.  I then managed to winch the Gator away from the turtles.

Whew.  It was a close one.  The lesson here– don’t disturb wildlife.  

One thought on “Turtles on the move

  1. I expected a punchline at the end of the story “and then I woke up.” That’s a crazy story, you would have had a viral video had you shot it. Only in the ADKs.


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