Musings of an English Major

This morning, I was trying to remember the last time I looked up a word in an actual hard-bound dictionary.  Or found an appropriate substitute word in a hard-bound Thesaurus.  I don’t even know where those books are in my study.

This thought was triggered by me spilling coffee on my keyboard.  This is a rare occurrence these days.  When I was in college and law school, it happened much more frequently.  Computers were not yet available for home use.

Back then I had a typewriter with a moving carrier and automatic return.  I would routinely put my cup of coffee down, hit the return button, and watch the typewriter  carrier send the mug flying, usually spilling the coffee on my neatly stacked pile of finished pages.

I miss some things (the disctionary and thesaurus), but not others (the typewriter).

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