Father’s Day Weekend

June is flying by……

Work is just insanely busy…. New York is aggressively driving its agenda to develop renewable energy.  I am  buried in hydro, solar and wind project-related matters.  All good.

Last night was a gift, here at camp.  What was supposed to be a rainy evening, turned into a gorgeous sunset.  We were able to enjoy the peace of the lake when we finally crashed on the screened-in porch, around 9 PM.

I arrived at camp via boat yesterday.  We picked up the jonboat in Saranac Lake, and launched it on our way into camp.  What a great way to clear your head.  I was the only boat on the lake, and was greeted in the narrows by three Loons.

Orkin was at the house this week.  I was reading their report– everything is normal. Except for the dead bat found in our utility room.  My dilemma– do I tell Paula?

My best friend Bill retired this week and I spoke at his retirement party–  We used to share an office at the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  He was my best man.  We camped together.  I had dinner at his parents’ house.  My parents loved him.  Once I received a call from my Mom that went like this: ” Keith, your Dad and I are passing through Albany tomorrow– are you free for dinner?  Do you think your friend Bill would like to come too?”  True story…

The Adirondack Almanack had a story this week about the new Adirondack 46er who was assigned hiker number 10,000.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I am 46er 2894, finishing in 1990.  I did them all again with Paula, about 10 years ago.  The number of people flocking to the ADKs is growing (again).  We saw this before, in the early 70’s.  I don’t worry about 95% of these folks– who behave responsibly, and respect the environment.  I worry about controlling the other 5%.

That’s enough– I have a busy day today, hiking, fishing, swimming the dogs, making pizza…….and then comes the Father’s Day Extravaganza.


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