68 Degrees this Morning

Do not remember the last time I said that, or slept with the windows open. Last Sunday, it was 38. The advantage to sleeping with open windows is listening to all four movements of the Loon symphony last night. The part where two loons scream at each other for ten minutes is one of my favorites. Then they leave each other, one flies down the lake and they start trading solo wails. Quite awesome.

We have four grandkids, two pregnant moms, and assorted others at camp this weekend, to not celebrate Paula’s birthday. The weather has cooperated; it significantly improved throughout the past week.

I put my son to work splitting down wood for the pizza oven– I need two sizes: 1″ x 1″ and 2″ x 2″. Two of the grandkids then carried the wood and stacked it properly under the pizza oven. The other grandkids gathered up birch bark, to use as kindling. We did use some of the wood to make a campfire last night for s’mores.

I hiked three of the grandkids up Crusher Mountain. Always a fun activity. Great view of the lake, on a beautiful day.

The kids made Paula dinner, and cleaned up. All things considered, a good weekend.

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