Fishing, Watergate and Today

Back in 1973, I remember being captivated by the Watergate Hearings; in particular, the testimony of John Dean. We spent that Summer on Nantucket, staying in a cottage at the West end of the island, in Madakat. I would go fishing early in the morning, and again late afternoon, into the evening. In the afternoon, I would sneak a beer into my fishing bucket, along with my cigarettes. Late morning, I would ride my bike into town and pick up the New York Times for my father, when it arrived on the 10:30 Ferry. We had no TV, computer, Twitter, cell phone, iPad. We had a phone, with a dial. While in town, I would watch some of the hearings on a TV in the window of one of the stores. There was quite a crowd around that TV. I could not believe how dishonest President Nixon was, or how he tried to obstruct justice; he eventually was brought down by his own words. I studied Watergate closely while in college; I think it had some influence in me becoming a lawyer.

So today, we are faced with the testimony of former FBI Director Comey, before a Congressional Committee. I am in the Adirondacks, at my camp. I have no TV (except for Netflix…). I read the NY Times every–online. I am about to go fishing. I just put a beer in my fishing bucket, along with a cigar. I cannot believe how disgraceful, dishonest, ignorant and incompetent our sitting President is. There is no question in my mind that he has actively sought to obstruct justice, and the fair working of our government. There is no question that he will be brought down, in part, by his own words. Let’s hope that Congress (unlikely) and the independent prosecutor (more likely) do their job.

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